All that You Should Know About Luxury Vinyl Planks

Extravagance Vinyl Planks (LVP; here and there known as LVT – Luxury Vinyl Tiles) are board molded interlocking decks that closely resemble good hardwood flooring boards. LVP is the most famous option for a ground surface that copies hardwood boards. It is waterproof, has low support, is exceptionally sturdy, and arrives in a practically endless assortment of varieties and wood species. This isn’t your granddad’s record assortment. These boards are the meaning of extravagance! After learning all this, feel free to search for the best vinyl plank flooring in Johnstown.

The Truth About LVP Thickness

The thickness of Luxury Vinyl Planks is estimated in miles, which alludes to how much wear they can take. Despite the name’s likeness, this estimation (mil) has nothing to do with millimeters (mm) since 40 mil is generally tantamount to 1.0 mm. Marks and scratches are less observable on thicker boards. The most well-known thickness of LVP utilized in ordinary families is 12 mil, but assuming your family is occupied or has many pets, a thicker LVP, like 20 mil, is suggested. Most thicker sheets, like 28 mils, are utilized for business establishments instead of private ones. Thicker boards are more steady and sturdy. However, they come at a higher cost.


The best and safe strategy is to clean LVP flooring utilizing a microfiber mop doused with a gentle cleanser and water one time each week or case by case. To hold soil and garbage back from aggregating, clear or dry mop it a few times each week.

How long will it last?

The life span of LVP flooring is not entirely set in stone by its versatility and thickness. The ground surface can last 10-20 years when put accurately and kept up with, contingent upon the area and thickness introduced. Not that you know the shelf life; look for Johnstown’s best vinyl plank flooring.

The Benefits and Drawbacks of LVP


  • Waterproof and dampness safe
  • Superior execution sturdiness with low-upkeep prerequisites
  • It is easy to introduce on most level surfaces (rock, tile, concrete)
  • A DIY establishment is conceivable.
  • An endless number of conceivable outcomes (colors, appearance, wood grain, surface, etc.)
  • Practically any financial plan can be obliged!


  • Outrageous UV openness can cause blurring and discoloration.
  • Notwithstanding how genuine wood has a superior look and feel, a few property holders incline toward the advantage of hardwood flooring.