Automated Die Casting Factory Is Here

custom cnc machining service

Usually a factory requires a lot of workers. The working time is separated into shifts and various workers work in various shifts. Workers don’t work for free, they need a fair pay. Paying workers is a huge expense in the field of production. What if I say that you can completely eliminate that expense? EKO industries believed that algorithms can help us in the field of die casting. An algorithm is to produce castings and metal sheets. They introduced custom CNC machining service, where CNC stands for Computer Numerical Control. custom cnc machining service involves the pre programming the process of die casting into a computer and uses that data to control the whole range of machineries which includes mills, routers and grinders.

Custom CNC machining service is created by a team of highly skilled engineers who has years of expertise in programming. The CNC had a lot of test run to ensure precision. It dictates the movement of factory tools and all other machineries. Firstly, we should feed the design of product parts in the form of 3D objects using CAD software. EKO industries CNC machines have in-built CAD-CAM packages. This software checks whether the 3D model is error-free. If the model is error-free the program will guide the machines to initiate the manufacturing process. The CNC is loaded with right parameters and machine configurations like voltage, cutting speed and rotations per minute to ensure the significance and accuracy of the product.

The CNC can also determine how to place and orientate the parts according to the given raw material in order to reduce wastage. It can read the directions and start producing product with the custom parameters. EKO’s CNC machines are fully automated, the can produce any kind of product as per the specifications only with the digital models. The installation of professional CNC machine costs 100K USD, while it is lesser than a factory’s salary expense permonth.CNC machine can work for lifetime.