Basic Rules of Baseball To Learn Before Playing A Game


In order to win a baseball game, your team needs to score as many runs than what your opponent achieved. You can only do this if you truly understand the rules of the game. In order to be declared as the winner, outscore the other team for the entire 9 innings that you played. If you are a beginner, grabbing the bat and start hitting the ball is more exciting than learning the basics. However, these basic rules are very important to learn.

So here are the most important rules that beginners should learn:

Batting Order

The batting order should be simple, especially for young players. Usually, the batting order is posted in the dugout to easily follow it. If the umpire knows that your team did not follow the batting order, the player can be declared ‘out.’

Strike Zone

The strike zone is the space over the home plate and should be between the shoulder and the top of the knees of the batter. In order to cover the strike zone, the player needs a steady eye. It can be difficult at first, but with practice, you would be able to master it.


Protection is Important

During the game, players need to keep their helmets on. Always remember that a player should never remove his helmet while at the bat or when running the bases. Once this rule is not followed, a first offense will have a warning given by the umpire. If the umpire ha the 먹튀검증 or verification that the player did not follow this rule for the second time, this can put the player ‘out’ of the game.

Fair Ball

This is when the batted ball lands in the field of play. This can also happen when the batted ball touches or passes the first or the third base that is within fair territory. So whenever the batter hits the baseball, run as fast as you can to the first base.

These are just some of the most important rules that you have to take note of before or when playing baseball. It is an easy game to play, but the rules can be complicated. So make sure that you understand each one of them to avoid penalties for not following the rules of the game.