Bit coin work Method Easy and simple

Its main difference compared to other currencies is that it is a decentralized currency, whose value does not depend on the interest rate set by a Central Reserve Bank nor on its reserves in commercial banks. The Bit coin is subject to the laws of supply and demand, raising or decreasing its value on the basis of Bit coins available or not in the market. It is known that up to 21 million Bit coins will be issued by 2040.

Protection against fraud

Every business that accepts credit cards or PayPal knows the problem with payments that are later canceled. Payments with Bit coin, on the other hand, how does bit coin work are irreversible and secure, which means that the cost of the fraud stops falling on the merchants.

It is not necessary to comply with the PCI standard

Credit cards require compliance with security controls in order to comply with the PCI-DSS standard (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) , the cost of which is charged to the customer. Bitcoin has a secure platform but the costs are not directly assumed by the client.

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Free availability

Bit coin is a rapidly growing emerging market, with new customers looking for ways to spend online or invest their Bitcoins. Accepting payments with Bitcoins is a way to get new customers and give business visibility in the virtual world.


Bit coin has a feature that is not yet well known, which requires that to spend or invest the Bitcoins you need to have the signature or registration of two or more users, just as banks do. This feature, in the case of legal entities, gives more control over spending.

Accounting transparency

Many organizations are required to present accounting documents about their activities. Using Bitcoin offers the highest level of transparency since it can provide all the necessary information so that transactions on the platform can be verified.

If you are looking to create your electronic bitcoins wallet, in this link you can find more than one option to register as a customer. Although for many it is still a bluff, it could be the currency of the future.