Discover your inner self at Mt. Haguro top


After reaching the top there is a giant Tori gates which is at the base of mt.haguro marking the point of entrance to the Dewa Sanzan to the Shukubo lodges present in the township of Toge that have been the supporting pilgrims from the ancient time on the voyage to rebirth from around Five-storey Pagoda nestled among the cedar forest and travelling all the way to the top there are around 2,446-stone staircase to the tower thatched roof of the Sanjingosaiden Shrine at the top of the mountain Haguro. The view presents the perfect chance for every traveller as a way to escape the world while brings a chance to discover the inner self.


Length of time travel from bottom to mount top:

There is, however, the length of the travel time will be around one hour to one an half hour if a person is visiting the famous 5-story pagoda. If you are planning for a trek walk the time will be three to four hours including the time to walk the top and come back from the place.

Some hacks of travelling to Mt. Haguro:

 There is a part of Dewa Sanzan’s that appeal remote, Yamagata receives heavy snowfall that makes the travel difficult in the mountains during the months of winter and to mention only Haguro-san remains open for the visit. It is recommended that a person should carry a pair of boots which are required during the season of winter as there can be a lot of snow around the place being it a mountain with a height. There are places offering to lodge and it is must to have an experience with a day stay at the place coming with a view. After the walk around the place, one can jump right into the bed and rest till you find it okay for some more travel.

Dewa Sanzan is a centre of Shugendo, a folk religion based on mountain worship, blending Buddhist and Shinto traditions. The Shugendo practitioners, known as Yamabushi, perform feats of endurance as a means of transcending to the physical world. There are shreds of evidence of Shugendo’s most extreme test of physical endurance and religious devotion which lies in the nearby Churenji and Dainichibo Temples. According to the religion, two monks successfully succeeded in preserving their own bodies in form of mummies through extreme diet modification and meditation.