Fool Your Friends By Fake Texts On Messenger

Fool Your Friends

Sometimes people are able to insult you on your personality because they claim your poor, you’re not exposed or something like that. They pretend to make calls from great people and various celebrities at your presence and their remark about you makes you feel so sad. Sometimes, you even keep on thinking about it for a long while. It’s time to end that! There is a new mobile app just for you which can be a perfect solution. This app is the fake messages mobile app.

Fake Texts On Messenger

The fake messages mobile app is perfect just for this situation and the likes. You are just able to adjust your phone settings to get messages from popular celebrities too. They might be faking it in a call just saying words but you’re actually receiving messages from them directly on your mobile line. One can also receive fake texts on his/her messenger.

How Can You Fool Your Friends

Messages create more impression and establishes more validity as it will be seen as a message from your dream celebrity exactly. Once a message pops into your phone and someone helps you get your phone, they will immediately see the message of the celebrity on the lock screen and they will be like “wow! How is this possible?” You will have no choice but to just smile. They will even change their attitude towards you thinking you have a real connection with those celebrities of yours. It will give you more advantage among your circle of friends than before.

You even have the opportunity to change the background of the lock screen and other settings like that so it makes people feel like the message is very genuine.

The fake messages mobile app was constructed by great set of expertise are talented in tricks and they are able to help you trick your insulting friends through the fake messages they will help you to receive. The app is very easy to use and it requires no expertise knowledge at all. It is now available on iPhone and iPad for download.