Looking For NMLS Pre-Licensing Education In Nevada?

Real estate

Real estate is one of the most popular career fields in the world. Mortgage lending is one of the advanced fields in the line of real estate. The Government of Nevada mandates some basic courses for a person to get into this arena of real estate. So, if you are looking for the best nmls pre-licensing education in Nevada, you are on the right page!

In case you are wondering about the full form of NMLS, it’s Nationwide Mortgage Lending System. Every student has to pass the National Mortgage Lending Exam to receive the license to get into the field of mortgage lending. It requires every student to clear a 30-hour course which is divided into 2 different sections. While the first course of 20 hours consists of the SAFE Act which deals with the National pre-licensing requirements, the other course of 10 hours deals with the State-specific licensing rules & regulations.

Features Of The NMLS Course

In the above paragraph, you have received the brief on the NMLS Course. Now, let’s talk about who should go for NMLS Pre-Licensing Education in Nevada. Mortgage lending is one of the most popular career lines for students looking to have a career in real estate. Every person who pursues this line has to give a mandatory NMLS exam, without which one cannot practice mortgage lending in Nevada.

It is not a very lengthy course most students clear this 30-hour course through the online modes and writes their exams. It is the preference of the student that matters. The institution where you decide to pursue this course should have all the options available for you. Studying both the National and State-specific mortgage lending laws is crucial for the successful completion of the course.


Many students face difficulties understanding subjects through the online mode, therefore, having the offline option is also very important. Deciding your institution rightly is crucial for clearing the course successfully and efficiently. Many students feel they can easily clear this short course from anywhere, but several laws can be very complex to understand. Therefore, having the right tutor to guide you with the subjects is crucial.