It is said that generosity depends on your heart. There are just many philanthropists out there but the one who seems to have done a lot is mariyam dawood, the wife of Bashir Dawood. The two have contributed a lot in educational and medical fields. They have just offered a lot. They have supported big research projects with both financial and moral contributions . They have made a name for themselves. When they say behind every man there is a strong woman then it must be realized that mariyam has done a lot to make her husband Bashir to do what he has been able to do. The financial support has always gone to support the very important project which were it not for them then it could not be possible to do such a move.

The couples have really done a lot for humanity. They have supported technology so much.As for mariyam, she has strongly made a name for herself in Pakistan and abroad. She is known for being sympathetic. She has a big heart.For sure she must be congratulated for making it this far. She has always supported the course of action which her husband has always done. She has shown true partnership in action. She has been recognized and appreciated for her good efforts in ensuring mankind has a better life. She is the mother with a rare heart. She is very useful for us.It can be said that she is like an angel who God is using to heal the world.