The Perks to Theater Movies

The online movies have changed the trend of theater movies. Gone are the days when we had to walk up to the theater to watch our favorite stars on the screen. The big screens have always given the feeling that becomes inexpressible in words. I still remember the day when I first stepped into a theater. I was tiny as I walked through the aisle and all I could see were chairs on both sides. At the end of the aisle, I was surprised to see such a big screen standing in front of me. I yelled with excitement and said “Such a big TV!” These are some perks of theater movie that the small screen can’t provide you.

Knowing the depth

The big screen has moved to show us more than just a movie. The movie is just a graphical anticipation of the real world. Movies are made to make us feel as though we are living a part of them. Like,take the ‘Harry Potter’ series. When you see the movie in a straight-line, you start to feel you are in Hogwarts too living the life of a wizard and witch. This anticipation is what every director targetin their movies.

The big screen brings to our notice the minute details that are often left ignored on the smaller screens. On the small screen, you are most likely to be diverted from the movie, which takes away the spark you created just a few seconds ago. While in the theater, you are bound to focus which makes it more exciting for you. You tend to understand the movie better and enjoy it more.

Reaction of others

Movies are more enjoyed when you are watching it with a partner. What ifyou have a wide range of partnersenjoying the movie? That would make your movie experience the best. You hearpeople laughing ata funny scene, you feel your laughter going deeper. You saw them excited in a serious scene, you too become eager, and when there is an emotional cut, you, along with the people in the theatre, feel down. When you leavethe theater, you have the scene gluedtoyour mind. This is the feeling that the small screen cannot give you.


Whether it’s about the high-quality video and sound or the experience shared with the rest of the cinema, watching a movie on the big screen is a lot better than watching it at home. The best thing out of all is you see the movie first. You can be the spoiler to the friend who is waiting for the movie to come in the small screen like fmovies.