Things to consider before choosing a vacuum cleaner

choosing a vacuum cleaner

If you are deciding to buy a vacuum cleaner, you should consider certain factors before you set out o buy your vacuum cleaner. These factors are important and would determine the life of your vacuum cleaner. Here are certain factors which you must consider before buying a vacuum cleaner. For more information, you can look here.

Vacuum Cleaner Performance

The speed and in depth cleaning performance of the device determines the quality & the ability of the vacuum Cleaner. It is important to note that the watts or amp displayed on the vacuum isn’t the performance of the vacuum. It is the electrical power which is used by the vacuum cleaner. It isn’t the suction power of the vacuum to pick up the dirt. The motor power rating does not determine the suction power. A motor with 10-amp power can create more suction power than 12-amp motor if it is efficiently designed.

In order to know the vacuum performance, you need to know the airflow rating and sealed suction. An airflow of more than 100 CFM or sealed suction or more than 90 inches is recommended.

Vacuum Cleaner Performance


Another thing to consider is the ability of the vacuum cleaner to retain the fine particulates which it picks up. If high filtration is not done, the fine particles will pass through the vacuum cleaner and settle as dust in the room air. A good quality filter is one which filters the air which leaves the machine. If there are medical cases in your family, like asthma, allergies or any other health condition which may be affected due to the fine particles, you will need a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filtration. HEPA filters are so good at their performance that they are capable of removing 99.98% of particles upto the size of 0.3 microns from the air which passes through it. A vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters is considered to be the best types of vacuum cleaners.

Quality and Durability

Choosing a durable and highest quality of vacuum cleaner is important as it will determine how long your cleaner will last. In order to check the durability of the vacuum cleaner, you can have a look at eth quality of construction of the cleaner. Check out the slid components and the weak components. There isa huge difference between the low-priced, low-quality products and the highest quality vacuum cleaners. Look for cleaners which have longer warranties on the motor. Such cleaners are more likely to be trustable and assure you of longer durability products.


These factors would surely make your cleaner last longer than usual.