The Christ, Ratu Adil & Satria Piningit–Unveiled?! Component 5

Here are extracts versus the literature of the Summit Lighthouse about the incarnation of Satria Piningit as the Comte de Saint Germain :

“On his ascension in opposition to the Rakoczy Mansion in just 1684, Ascended Discover Saint Germain entered the Superior Silence (nirvana) exactly where his favored dual flame Portia, the Goddess of Justice–whose track record he experienced inscribed inside The Service provider of Venice–experienced prolonged been ready his return. Not extended thereafter, the favorite Sanctus Germanus was provided the dispensation by means of the Lords of Karma toward work inside of the environment of sort as an ascended becoming using the visual appearance of an unascended currently being.

“The archives of France involve proof that English, Dutch, and Prussian statesmen of his (St.Germain’s) year recognised the Depend as an authority inside of a great number of fields. He was hated by way of some although relished and stored inside awe through some others. As a single of his mates stated, `He was, possibly, a single of the largest philosophers who at any time lived . . . His centre was anxious basically with the pleasure of other people.’ The learn alchemist (St.Germain) spoke French, German, English, Italian, Portuguese, and Russian hence fluently that he was accredited as a indigenous any place he went. In accordance in direction of a present day account, `the discovered and the oriental students incorporate proved the experience of the Rely St.Germain. The previous learned him further apt inside the languages of Homer and Virgil than them selves; with the latter he spoke Sanskrit, Chinese, and Arabic inside these types of a style as in direction of present them that he experienced intended some prolonged dwell in just Asia.’ (Look at this towards regional suggestions that the Knight wanders normally as an austerity–“Lelono broto”) The Comte de Saint Germain published, improvised, accompanied upon piano devoid of songs `not just every single tune yet way too the maximum extremely hard concerti, performed upon diverse equipment,’ and performed the violin `which include an orchestra.’ His compositions continue being presently within just the British Museum and the library of the castle of Raudnitz in just Bohemia. He painted within just oils with colors of gemlike brilliance, a `key’ which he himself identified. It is reported that against 1737 in the direction of 1742, Saint Germain was at the Court docket of the Shah within just Persia, there displaying his amazing working experience of precipitating and perfecting useful stones, especially diamonds. In accordance in direction of the memoirs of Madame du Hausset, Saint Germain at the time taken out a flaw against a hefty diamond, which belonged toward King Louis XV.

Inside his alchemical laboratory at the Royal Chateau at Chambord, Saint Germain was attended by means of a community of found and noble college students. The Rely is pointed out via Graf Cobenzl within just a letter dated 1763: `Obtaining ideal prosperity, he life within just the biggest ease; he is familiar with anything at all, and reveals an uprightness, a goodness of soul, deserving of admiration. Between a amount of his achievements, he generated, beneath my private eyes, some reports, of which the utmost major had been the transmutation of iron into a steel as attractive as gold.’ The Comte de Saint Germain meticulously comprehended the hire of herbs and vegetation and figured out drugs and elixirs in direction of lengthen everyday living and keep exercise. A great number of of his demonstrations of mastery are outlined within the diaries of Mme.d’Adhemar, who understood him for at minimum 50 percent a century. She information Saint Germain’s trips in the direction of herself and toward the courts of Louis XV and Louis XVI, noting inside of his sparkling encounter the overall look of a guy within his early 1940s for the duration of the time period. She mentions a unique interaction with the Depend inside 1789 inside of which he looked `with the identical countenance as in just 1760.’ Inside of the very same communication he envisioned the Revolution of 1789, the slide of the Property of Bourbon, and the program of revolutionary French record . . .”

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