All About Eureka Logistics


Logistics is an area of high importance for the manufacturing businesses, as they require the raw materials and then need to supply the finished products. Eureka Logistics is one such logistics company which specialises in transporting heavy trucks, mainly over the route of Jakarta- to Surabaya. They possess a fleet of 70+ Fuso, wingbox, trailer and CDD.


To check the prices of Eureka, you just need to contact their CS and inquire about the price. This is a tiring process, and there is no other way to know about the pricing. Generally, if you call them they will tell you a higher price, therefore you need to negotiate with them, to get the service at the best price possible. You have to wait until they get back to you after confirming the prices with their seniors. The whole process can take up to 24 hours.


Their services include the payment for driver and fuel. The toll and parking fees are not included in their services. The insurance service is also not included. The customer service is available from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. The company also offers free document returns through an agent.

Placing and tracking of order

The order at Eureka can be placed by contacting their CS, they will provide you with the pricing details and then confirm your order. The order can be traced only by the CS.


Eureka logistics deals in transportation with heavy and large trucks. But the pricing and ordering process needs to be improved.