Terrarium Making Tips for Beginners

terrarium making singapore

Having plants at home is a good idea because it can improve air quality and increase feelings of well-being. If in this case, you do not have enough space, you can consider terrarium. Many Singaporean households consider terrarium because it is low maintenance, easy to make and space-saver.

If you are interested in terrarium making singapore, here are some tips that you can consider:

Find the right container
When you hear terrarium, it refers to a glass container containing soil and plants. The right container will make a thriving ecosystem. With this, it is important that you find the right type of container.

You can utilise a closed and open container. Closed container has a warm and humid environment. Open container, on the other hand, is ideal for plants that thrive in a dry environment.

terrarium making singapore

Select the appropriate plant
You need to select the appropriate plant for your container and soil. In the case of a closed container, you can consider plants like friendship plant, aquamarine, starfish plant, silver nerve plant, spider plant, and maidenhair fern. For open containers, you can consider succulents and cacti like echeveria blue sky, red tip hens and chicks, burrito tail, feather cactus, and moon cacti.

Use pebbles and charcoal
For the base layer, you should use pebbles first and then activated charcoal. After the base layers, you can continue with potting soil – about two inches.

Choose a good place
It is important that you put your terrarium in indirect light. Keep in mind that direct sun can fry the contents inside the container.

Caring for terrarium
After putting the plants, do not forget to water it very lightly or until it looks damp. For desert terrariums (open container), if it looks dry it needs watering. For tropical terrariums (closed container), check the container if it looks wet. If it looks wet, open the lid and let the moisture dry.